Frequently Asked Questions

My son is new to Scouting. Where does my Cub Scout begin?
The Cub Scouting program is for boys between 1st and 5th grades. Each rank in the Cub Scout program corresponds to a specific grade level.

At fulfillment of all Cub Scout & rank-specific requirements during the 5th grade, a boy
“crosses over” to Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts begins in the 6th grade and concludes (with the potential attainment of the rank of Eagle Scout) by a boy’s 18th birthday.

What is the difference between a Pack and a Den?
Cub Scouts is organized by school grade level. Boys of a particular grade are members of one or more DENS. For example, boys in 1st grade begin Scouting as Tiger Cubs. Depending on the number of 1st grade boys who join Scouting, a single Den may be formed, or multiple Dens may be formed. Each Den typically consists of 8 to 12 boys.

The PACK is the larger group of boys – i.e. all of the Dens collectively. The size of our Cub Scout Pack ranges from 50 to 80 boys. Packs in a number of surrounding towns / communities make up a DISTRICT, and the Districts across a number of surrounding counties make up the COUNCIL.

When and where does the Pack meet?
Usually, Pack 206 meetings are on the third Friday of each month. The pack meets at Marshall Middle School in the auditorium at 6:30 PM. The meeting lasts about 1½ hours. The Cub Scout year parallels the school year, running September through May. Some dens may choose to conduct meetings over the summer.

Can other family members attend the monthly Pack Meeting?
Yes! Cub Scouting is intended to be a family affair! We especially encourage parents to
attend the meetings, to join in the fun and be present for awards their son may earn. Siblings are also encouraged to attend, but we request parental supervision for their safety and so they do not disrupt the meeting.

When and where do the individual Dens meet?
Each Den typically meets once or twice per month, either after school, on a weeknight, or on Sunday afternoon. The frequency of each Den Meeting, as well as specific dates and times, is determined by each Den. Each Den Meeting is typically one hour in duration.

Do I have to become a leader in order for my son to join the Pack?
While we encourage parents to get involved in the Pack and volunteer some time
for Scouting by participating as a leader or by serving on various committees, we understand the multitude of commitments and time constraints faced by the typical family. So while leadership is not required, we encourage as much participation and involvement as you can give.

How much are your fees?
All new scouts pay a fee upon joining to cover district registration and a subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine. General Pack 206 expenses are estimated at $75 for all scouts (new and returning).

What does the registration fee include?

  • BSA national fees and insurance
  • Subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine
  • Awards & activity patches for the year
  • Cub scout rank handbook
  • Rank-appropriate scarf and slide
  • Class B t-shirt

ScoutTrack is our web-hosted tool providing advancement tracking, email, contact lists, and calendar. Each parent/guardian is given a user id/password to gain access to these valuable assets. Individual achievements should be entered by the scout’s parent/guardian. This tool ensures that at any time, your scout’s progress is available for your review.

Does my son need a uniform?
Yes! Uniforms are an essential part of Scouting to identify a boy’s rank and Den, as well as display his achievements. Tiger Cubs, Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts wear the navy blue uniform shirts. Webelos wear the khaki Scout uniform shirts. The khaki uniform can be used for Boy Scouts. All Cub Scouts and Webelos wear neckerchiefs and slides according to their rank.

For more information about uniforms, see the Uniforms page.

How often does Pack 206 go camping?
Pack 206 typically goes tent camping three times a year – once in the Fall, once in the Winter, and once in the Spring.  The camping fee varies based on the type of trip and the activities.

Camping Gear Provided by Pack 206

  • Cooking gear
  • Food and drinks
  • First Aid Kit
  • Other items based on the type of trip (i.e. craft/activity supplies, wood, activity patches)

Does the Pack go on any special field trips or outings?
Yes – our pack has visited the USS Midway in San Diego, participated in parades, does volunteer work, and lots of other things.  Individual Dens will often go on field trips to local points of interest. These include flag planting at Veterans Memorial Stadium, Rocktober, Professional baseball or hockey games, Soak City, Midway, USS Iowa, camping in the San Bernardo mountains and other Boy Scout Council locations through out southern California.